A million websites exist on the internet that deal with CTF (Capture The Flag) Challenges, some of them very good, some of them very bad, most of them in Mandarin.

So why write yet another site you ask? Well I feel that a big majority of the sites lack a good documentation on the techniques (and the exploit code) that they present. I get it that a good hacker should be capable of reading something completely unreadable (e.g assembly, and python… sometimes) and be able to make sense out of it.

But I personally find that an unreadable code, and a lack of documentation can be very discouraging for a n00b like me trying to get into this field. I certainly cannot write perfect code, and I know personally many people who are far better programmers and code artists (gosh that sounds fancy) than me. But I’ll make my best to put my tiny grain of sand in an attempt to create a page where people can come to read (hopefully) well documented CTF Write ups and exploit techniques.

Also this is a good excuse to finally get me to write a blog and do something useful with my life, after a year and a half into this pandemic madness.

Speaking of the pandemic: Go get vaccinated if your place of residence offers you the choice! now! no excuses! (or GTFO my blog! ok, unless you have a medical condition, then you can stay <3).

P.S Sorry if this blog is not the most aesthetically designed page on the internet. I am not only a n00b on CTFs I am also a terrible web dev, but one problem at a time!